Baby Bradford


Bradford Kelly
Bradford getting play from former Eagles Head Coach Chip Kelly. Photo by Keith Allison

On 20th April 2016 the Eagles agreed to a mega deal with the Cleveland Browns to move up from the 8th pick to the 2nd overall pick of the 2016 NFL Draft. A move that will guarantee the birds landing a franchise quarterback in the form of Jared Goff or Carson Wentz. But the Eagles have yet to hint at or say who they are drafting with the number 2 pick. Possibly leading into another Donovan Mcnabb surprise pick.

               As of 25th April 2016 Eagles starting quarterback Sam Bradford is demanding a trade. Bradford is also refusing to partake in any Eagles optional work out sessions during the off season with the Eagles.

               This is extremely foolish on Bradford’s part as it’s not even guaranteed the Eagles take a Quarterback with their first round draft pick. Even though it is almost certain the Eagles take either Wentz or Goff with the 2nd overall selection, the Eagles still need help in other positions. Most notably in their wide receiver core, or lack thereof receiver’s core.

               If the Eagles take a different route, then what they are expected, (which they have done before) Bradford could lose his starting spot to back up Chase Daniel. Whom was signed during the 2016 free agency. With head coach Doug Peterson coming from the Kansas City Chiefs (the same team as Daniel) Peterson could have a favorite to start if Bradford isn’t ready to go.  

               Bradford’s childishness could be hurting him as much as he thinks it’s helping. Teams like a player that’s cool under pressure, and right now Bradford is doing everything except being cool. A real turn off to teams, especially coming from a quarterback that has dealt with a career filled with injuries. Two fatal flaws that are not only hurting his ability to be traded, but the value of what the Eagles can get for the former 1st overall draft pick.

               Eagles fans have already had enough of Bradford’s antics. Calling the quarterback out for not wanting to compete with a rookie quarterback. Fans are calling it quits with Bradford, and are ready for a new captain at the helm. Especially after his child like actions and him thinking he’s better than what he truly is. The Eagles faithful will get what they want, one way or another.



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