In With the New, Out With the Old

IMG_0174The common phrase in with the new out with the old has been used in almost any sense. The Phillies have been holding onto the old for a long time. Mainly due to them not having any new.

               But with young talent in the form of Maikel Franco, older members of the Phillies like Ryan Howard can be replaced for the next generation of Phillies to move in. With one last summer in the sun the releasing of the old could mean the end for Howards career.

               Howard is current 36 going on his age 37 season. Howard has also dealt with 2 Achilles injuries in his career. With a him wanting a contract over twenty million dollars, the Phillies could use the extra money to sign young talent.

               This wouldn’t have been the first time the Phillies have gotten rid of veterans for betterment of the team. Cliff Lee wasn’t resigned after a dismal season and Cole Hamels was traded to bring in young talent.

               Whatever the Phillies are planning, they better make room for their young talent fast. They’ll be here sooner than they expect.


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